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Equalizer GX Platform

Optimizes Traffic Management for Resilient Application Delivery and Acceleration


Equalizer E250GX Equalizer E250GX

  • Most Affordable
  • Layer 4 load balancing, Intelligent Layer 7, application based load balancing
  • Configure and install in less than 30 minutes
  • Manage up to 64 clusters of 16 servers each

Equalizer E350GX Equalizer E350GX

  • Most Popular
  • Extensive real-time and historical reporting
  • SSL Offloading 500 transactions/second
  • Manage Unlimited number of servers

Equalizer E450GX Equalizer E450GX

  • Optimized for use in secure applications like eCommerce, banking and medical
  • Add’s Multi-Function appliance with multi-core processing
  • HTTPS (SSL) acceleration up to 8,500 TPS
  • L7 Requests/sec – 75,000
  • Equalizer VLB – Virtualization monitoring

Equalizer E650GXEqualizer E650GX

  • Highest Performance
  • Standard ENVOY – Global Server Load Balancing
  • Express – hardware based Web Compression
  • Highest SSL acceleration in it’s class 14,000 HTTPS (trans/sec)
  • Delivers Disaster recovery and business continuity


  • Load balancing internet traffic across data centers
  • Fail over backup sites automatically
  • Seamless user experience for local and global load balancing
  • DNS Throughput – 10,000 lookups/second

Equalizer VLB 

  • Superior Application Delivery in a Virtual World
  • Guarantees Virtualized application availability
  • Advanced Virtualized Application Traffic Management optimized for VMware

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