Coyote Point

Coyote Point Mission…

…to create easy to use, affordable load balancing and application acceleration solutions that provide a faster, more reliable World Wide Web and Application experience.Authorized Reseller Logo

Gigster Products Inc. is a Top-Tier Partner of Coyote Point Systems products which means we can provide you this quality product at the lowest price.

Why should I use Coyote Point Systems?

  • Experience – Coyote Point has been delivering quality products for over 10 years and has set an industry standard; targeting the mid-market.
  • Leader – Coyote Point has over 8,500 customers World Wide
  • Quality – Highly Reliable Solutions; currently offering its 6th Generation of Hardware and its 8th generation of software.

Is Coyote Point right for me?

  • Have you deployed and “Mission Critical” Web or network based applications?
  • Would your company lose money if these applications went offline or ran too slowly?
  • Have you considered ways to improve efficiency in your data center to save power, server costs, etc?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions then Coyote Point Systems Products CAN help you 



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