About Us

Like our tagline says, we are “Upgrading the World One Gig at a Time.”

Gigster Products Inc. is an IT equipment sales company that specializes in network equipment, mainly Cisco, HP, IBM, SUN and other.  We have ‘upgraded the World one Gig at a time’ by selling everything from 128 MB Memory Upgrades, 10 GB Cisco Ethernet Modules to multiple TB Storage Solutions.  Gigster Products has salespeople who have many years experience in buying and selling both new and used network equipment.  Those salespeople use their experience to win customers on price, hard work and professionalism and they keep them by continually providing great pricing, speedy and quality deliverable products. 


We are not here to waste anyone’s time, rather simply put to provide the best solution and the best price. 

  • Your requirements are our Requirements. 
  • Your project deadline is our project deadline.

It’s that Simple.  That’s what we do, Please give us a chance to do it for you!


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